Apartment move in Lviv: 10 golden rules

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Apartment move in Lviv: 10 golden rules

apartment moving in Lviv

Relocation has several kinds of changes, but one of the most impressive and emotional changes is the address of the accommodation. It's a troublesome thing that requires no skills and abilities. Therefore, in order to settle in a new home with pleasant impressions, you need to prepare in advance to move.

Rules when transporting property

Specialist guides advise you to take advantage of the 10 golden rules of apartment moving. Following these tips, you can safely transport things to another city of residence and rejoice in new life.

10 golden transport rules:

  1. In advance, take care of the required amount of packaging materials (adhesive tape, stretch and bubble film, blankets, paper, bags, polyethylene bags) and boxes for transporting things.
  2. Pack up soft things in bags and bags. Cover that can break, cover with paper or bubble film and fix with adhesive tape. Make "workpieces" in cardboard boxes.
  3. Make labels on their content boxes. This will help you quickly find the right item in a new place.
  4. It is desirable to carry a household appliance in original boxes. If they are not preserved, take a box that fits in size. It is worth remembering that the devices should fit tightly to the sides of the package, so if left empty, fill it with paper or foam. Grab the lid of the box with tape.
  5. Pay particular attention to the packaging of a refrigerator or freezer. They can be transported only upright and fixed to the sides of the truck. When lowering/raising and moving on a flat surface, the cooling equipment can not be tilted aside. Loaders in Lviv use rigging belts and carriages to help reduce the burden on the person.
  6. Prepare furniture. To do this, release them from all that was stored in them, get shelves and drawers. Wrap things, remove items, cover with a bubble film and secure it with tape. If the cabinet is too large for transportation, disassemble it. To do this, remove the side panels, the door and the back. Pack individually each segment. On the chest, depending on its weight, the drawer can be left, but it is necessary to securely fix it. You can do this with tape or stretch film.
  7. Remove the mattress from the bed, wrap it with a film. From the frame of the bed, remove the side bars and legs, pack the removable items. If there are drawers - pull them out and turn them over with a film.
  8. Order a truck at a convenient time. Before loading, check the cleanliness of the body and the presence of openings for fixing refrigeration equipment and other dimensional furniture.
  9. First of all, load the fridge, cabinets, upholstered furniture. Place boxes of things in free space or on top of the dimensional things.
  10. When starting up the property, think about whether there is enough space in the new home for furniture collection. If this is not convenient, make a cabinet and bed, collect them, and then fill in the drawers and boxes of things.

In addition, you need to calculate which truck you need. After all, in a small body, all things will not fit, and too much is expensive.

Features of Professional Apartment Moving

transport of apartments in Lviv

Apartment move in Lviv from the "URA! Pereizd" can be ordered by everyone. This can cost more than self-transportation, but will preserve the integrity of your things and make moving to a new home much more pleasant. When you order a professional service, you get:

  • a bunch of free time, because the skilled workers of the mowing company will do all the preparatory and core work for you;
  • Save your strengths and assistants - all freight activities that are related to exercise will be taken by professionals of your cause.
  • renting a car that will carry your property (trucks of a company that is equipped with everything necessary for the safe and prompt transportation of dimensions and special things);
  • professional disassembly and assembly of furniture (you do not have to worry about the subtleties of furniture designs and look for tools for this stage);
  • there is no risk that your property will be damaged during transportation and transportation (in this case, the company will assume all repairs or reimburse the full cost of the furniture or things).

In addition, in the "URA! Pereizd" you can order additional services:

  • packing material rental
  • full cleaning of the apartment after the property is exhausted;
  • garbage disposal;
  • solution to the problem of truck parking while moving;
  • disassembly and installation of equipment

Why do most people choose to move from a professional company?

"URA! Pereizd" specializes in various types of travel. One of the common areas is private transportation. The turnkey and transport service of the apartment in Lviv is "turnkey".

These types of transfers are carried out by professional specialists who have all the necessary modern tools and equipment for your safe transportation of property. The management of the company always comes to meeting its clients, therefore offers various packages of services - from "Econom" to "Elite". Anyone who has contacted a muffling company can choose a convenient tariff package, and regardless of the cost of getting the services at the highest level. Employees are attentive to each client.

Order the service in a variety of ways. The most common form is to fill out an online form. You must specify the date and time you want, the address of the departure and the new home, the amount of cargo. If necessary, you can order packaging materials that specialists will bring with you. You can also use the phone to order a move from a moving company. In this case, you need to provide the information you need to complete the order.

Payment is charged on an hourly basis. The specialists work fast and qualitatively, not trying to artificially increase the time. Start your life in a new place comfortably with the company "URA! Pereizd"!