Difficulties in self-transporting of a safe and how do movers solve them?

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Difficulties in self-transporting of a safe and how do movers solve them?

professional safes transportation

Each self-respecting firm has a safe, as well as it is in some apartments. It is not at all transported by a safe person, as it can have quite large dimensions. Therefore, the owners of such a "treasure" turn to a moving company specializing in such transportation and has in its staff professional loaders.

For safekeeping in Lviv, there are moving companies that are ready to provide the appropriate service. Specialists of the firm will perform such work quickly and qualitatively, spending only a few hours.

What difficulties can be encountered when traveling independently?

To transport the safe yourself is a matter of trouble and risky. Because it will have to take into account the many different nuances that not everyone knows. More details about the details of transportation can be found on the company's website.

During the preparation and transportation of the safe on their own should know and take into account the following factors:

  1. The safe may be small, large and large enough. Therefore, when transporting several safes, it should be remembered that each of them requires an individual approach.
  2. Different repositories are also of a weight (the expression "big, so heavy" is not suitable). The most difficult to carry is a small but heavy; since it would be very difficult to approach such a safe. There are also safes, the mass of which reaches up to 1.5 tons. It is simply not possible to carry them without special equipment.
  3. Many modern safes require a careful attitude, as they have a very receptive mechanism of protection and locks, including electronic ones, which can withstand a lot of shock.
  4. Safes weighing less than 600 kg are carried by hand, but special belt fasteners are required for loading. If the weight of such "boxes" is larger, they should be used for moving them with trolleys with rubber wheels. They will allow you to move the cargo through the building, without damaging the floor and the cargo itself.

After removing and removing it from the building a question arises about the transportation. The best way is to use a specially equipped car with a safety lock for its stable condition so that it is not damaged during transportation.

Taking into account all of the above, you will be able to carry even a heavy "box" yourself, but as has been repeatedly proved in practice, professional loaders are simply needed for this process.

It is important to remember: when transporting a heavy load, a person who has never been involved with this can hurt his back or cause other health damage.
The price for safekeeping in Lviv is indicated on the official website of the company. Also, the cost of the service can be found at the managers by the phones listed on the main page.

Features of transportation of safes by specialists of a mowing company

For the transportation of safes and ATMs, the specialists of the moving company use professional rigging equipment. The technological process depends on the type and parameters of the mailbox.

Specialists note that the transportation of a private safe differs significantly from the transportation of property when office relocation is needed. The main role is played by the weight of the repository. Particular difficulties arise when changing the address of banking models, which are more reminiscent of huge metal cabinets. Without the use of special equipment used during loading and unloading works. Additional complexity calls for lifting and descending steps, since not every lift, even a load, can withstand such loads. The same applies to ATMs, which in general are not inferior to safes.

Why professionals can do everything?

The specialists of the swing company have extensive experience and necessary physical training, because the specifics of the actions carried out does not imply any load. The firm's staff includes not only skilled loaders, but also riggers, electricians, and joiners. Their experience and skills are useful when it comes to the transportation of safes, ATMs or other oversized cargo. The long-term activity of the publisher proves that the ordering of services for professional loaders and the rental of a truck is not a guarantee of success. In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to apply complex services.

Many people are wondering why it is necessary to order the services of professional loaders and other members of the brigade? Why is it not enough to negotiate with strong men who can raise a safe or an ATM and move it to another place? Specialists easily answer such questions. Despite the fact that such a specific and not always dimensional cargo, it is very soft, and requires a careful attitude. If it's very difficult or almost impossible to damage such a box outdoors, it's easy to disassemble internal components. This applies to the protection system and code locks. First of all, it concerns the transportation of ATMs, which are equipped with electronic systems that are extremely sensitive to mechanical actions.

Company “URA! Pereyizd” has everything you need for a safe and fast moving. Loaders and their teams of specialists have in their arsenal modern packing materials, rigging belts and special carts that will help transport the safe without damages and in the shortest possible time. In addition, the company owns its own fleet, in which all trucks are adapted for moving apartments, offices, furniture and oversized cargoes.

Ordering services is easy. To do this, you need to fill out a special form on the company's website. The second way is to call the numbers on the main page. In this case, it is necessary to inform the manager all the information that is necessary for the execution of the order. It includes: the old and new address, the size of the load, the contact details of the customer, the date and the desired time of the move.

Before the arrival of a group of specialists, it is necessary to release the safe from the contents, close it, so that under the transfer accidentally opened the door. It can damage them, and add a hassle to specialists.