Features of moving to a girlfriend

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Features of moving to a girlfriend

peculiarities of moving to the beloved

Achieving a child of a certain age prompts them to create their own family. Some newlyweds legitimize their relationships, others decide to live together. This can be done in a separate apartment of someone from newlyweds or even a detached dwelling. But there are cases when there are financial difficulties, and the created couple stays in the girl's territory.

Why do guys decide to move to a girlfriend?

Relationships between the boy and the girl, when moving to another level, involves co-residence. When a girl has her own apartment, she is unlikely to decide to move to a boy. She is more likely to offer a loved one to settle in its territory. Agreements with a girl can be reached by arrangement. To do this, we must prepare for no one to prevent the conversation. A young man must make it clear to the girl that he is ready for a common family life and to offer her a living together. As a rule, when a girl feels the sincerity of her beloved, she may even be the first to offer to live together.

Marriage without stamps and official registration is gaining in popularity. Over the past few years, the percentage of young couples who decide to live together without an official ceremony has dropped significantly. Young people, before going to a state institution, try to make sure the authenticity of feelings and live together, because even daily meetings and compatible life are fundamentally different things.

One of the most common obstacles that can hinder the happiness of young people is the resistance of the boy's parents. They may not allow a young man to move. This is especially true for the so-called category of boys - "mummy sons". In this case, the future of a couple depends on the persistence of the girl and the mood of the boy. It is important for him to understand that it's time to make and decide for your own decisions. Psychologists are advised to make a move in the absence of parents, but not to take away all the things. Native ones need to understand that adult children have not abandoned them, but just trying to build their own family. As a rule, parents have nothing else but to make this choice.

As a rule, the property of a young man does not take up much space, but does not require a special car for his transportation. As a rule, the boy's arsenal consists of essentials: care products and cosmetics and clothing, items needed for work and some equipment. Since leisure is an important factor for young people, it's likely that a young man will bring his computer equipment, discs with films and music.

A girl who offers the boy to move to his or her home must be prepared for the boy to bring her beloved pet to her. This especially applies to situations when young people leave their parents' home without their consent.

The girl should realize that moving a guy who takes with him not only basic necessities but also animals and equipment has more than serious intent. Young people do not want to waste their time on drafting and transporting things if they do not plan to stay in a loved one's home. The main thing is for both men to understand that moving is a very important step towards a new adult life.

Why do men consider coexistence in a girl's place a mistake?

Some people think that there is no difference in living in the apartment together, because the main thing is to create a strong alliance. But many men are confident that a happy future can be built on the woman's territory.

The right thing is to bring the girl to her own home, to her family and to add her beloved to her own way. They are convinced that it's no wonder since the prehistoric times the males brought the females to themselves, and not vice versa.

It is important for every man to feel like a full-fledged master of the house and the leader of the family. This can not be achieved when the couple live in the women's area, especially with the girl's parents. This psychological factor can "squeeze" the leader in the husband as the head of the family and will negatively affect the relationship in the family.

A woman tends to behave the opposite. She feels like a roommate and roommate. These factors push her into dominant positions in attitudes, because she is the main one where a man came, so she must establish rules of existence. Particularly the problems may be aggravated if the living space girl is not only her property, but also her parents, brothers or sisters.

According to statistical reporting, in the case of divorce, women still live with their mother, and her husband is expelled from nothing. In the case of joint residence on the territory of the girl with her parents, the rules of existence will be dictated by the wife and her mother.

Man's thoughts about losing an investment

Another widespread fear of moving to a girl is the likelihood of losing their investment. The man who takes the women's rules of the game must realize that in the case of a divorce, he will most likely pick up his own belongings and go. In the eyes of men, this situation looks like this: at the beginning of a common life, this home is a common home, and all its forces and money are invested; during the quarrels, screams begin to say that this is just her apartment, and her husband is nobody.

Many contemporary women share this opinion. They are convinced that men should do so, especially since they lived all the time in their own house of a woman.

Experienced men do not advise young boys to invest in the fact that they are not able to control, but not start building a family on women's territory. But this is not always possible. In the absence of own property, not everyone can buy a new home. As one of the options - rent an apartment. In this case, the woman will not feel like a full mistress, but listen to her husband. On a neutral territory, the boy may, from the outset, distribute responsibilities and rights to a bet. At the beginning of the joint residence, we must discuss family financing and the distribution of property in case of separation.

In any case, each family has its own opinion regarding the rules and place of residence. Experienced couples are advised not to allow friends, parents and other relatives to own relationships, and all issues are resolved through negotiations.