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Transportations of personal belongings abroad

Transportation of things abroad in Poland Title: Features of the MA in Poland

Many years ago, the hero of the film "White Sun of the Desert" customs officer Vereshchagin said, "Nothing to Declare". He was a man of principle, and therefore did not let the robber Abdul with the treasure of the country. How to pass through customs, transport things, for example, in neighboring Poland? That all went without problems and additional efforts need to prepare in advance to learn the rules and use our advice - says the example of Poland.

General rules for border crossing

Documentary base regulating the crossing of the border is the Customs Code of Ukraine dated March 13, 2012 № 4495-VI.

Basic rules for transport of personal belongings abroad:

  1. Without declaring a citizen of Ukraine has the right to take out the amount in cash up to 10,000 euros.
  2. Paintings, sculptures to be exported together with the documents, which indicate that you are the owner of these things. And if the cultural property is not declared in the international search.
  3. Goods, the aggregate value of which does not exceed 10,000 euros in equivalent, cross the border freely.
  4. Alcohol and tobacco are entitled to carry only those who have reached 18 years of age. But no more than 5 liters of beer, or 2 liters of wine, or 1 liter of spirits. Cigarettes - not more than 250 pieces, and not packets.

Personal belongings. What is it with the customs point of view?

How to distinguish them from the personal belongings? The Customs Code has a clear guide for customs officers. We recommend you to follow it!

Personal items are:

  • decoration with signs of being used;
  • clothes and underwear with signs of being used. New things - in the amount of 1 pieces, one species;
  • hygiene items for 1 travelers subject person;
  • personalized stationery;
  • 1 film, video, camera;
  • 2 laptops, mobile phones, musical instruments and their accessories;
  • 3 flash devices;
  • trolley - children or disabled;
  • essentials for arranging a residence for long-term missions;
  • medicines in the amount required according to Ministry of Health guidelines for your own health

Poland. So close, but so far

Tips for moving to Poland

For crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border with personal belongings there are some subtleties:

  1. Map of the Pole or working visa will ensure the free border crossing personal belongings in any quantity. Otherwise - no more than 50 per 1 kg human.
  2. In addition, it is desirable to have a contract of employment with any company in Poland. Register the document in the consulate of the neighboring country.
  3. It is necessary to have an agreement on pre-term rental housing in Poland.
  4. New electronics, furniture need to be repacked in the other boxes.
  5. Weapons, drugs, alcohol in large quantities - are forbidden to cross the borders of our country.
  6. Potted flowers will have to stay at the house. The customs office will require the documents to the plants.
  7. Pets travel separately from things. Take care of proper sanitary documents for animals. In Poland, you can bring your pet, if you abide by the EU rules on cross-border transport animals (the full text can be found in the publications of the European Union with the signature 998/2003 / EC).
  8. Packages with things – it’s necessarily to label. List underwear, socks and the like. The customs office will have fewer questions.
  9. Make a complete list of things in all packages. It will be a chance that the customs officer will examine one or more boxes and not the goods in full.
  10. Securities, antique speech, and jewelry more expensive than 1000 euros need to be declared. Otherwise there is a risk that things will stay in Ukraine together with their owner.
  11. Be careful with food. Especially in the original packaging. Customs may decide that you are carrying goods for sale.

Additional recommendations from «URA! Pereyizd»

If you want to pass customs inspection as soon as possible, it is necessary to follow some tips. The company «URA! Pereyizd» recommends:

  1. Do not sleep till noon! It is advisable to travel from the city before dark - at 3:00 or 4:00 am. At this time, the customs are practically has no queues.
  2. Be calm! Do not be nervous during the inspection at the customs. The customs officer will notice your condition and decide that you are trying to remove suspicious items. You will have to provide for inspection all your treasure. This is time consuming and physically difficult.
  3. The carrier will provide you with cargo-beads. Thus, you move abroad for "green corridor". In contrast to the "red", which is checked by shipping, in the "green corridor" overview is less picky and takes little time.
  4. Choose only reliable carriers.

If you have decided to link your lives with another country, it should be easy to comply with all the rules, and prepare in advance, and then your journey into a new future will be easy and enjoyable.