Moving Counter: 1991

First night box: moving planning

Upon arrival at the new location, you will be surprised how many things you will need in the first few hours of stay in the new house.

Flat moving should begin with a package of essential things, providing them with a separate box (call it a box of the first night), so you don't become crazy in search of a toothbrush or any other little but important things.

Particular attention should be payed to the bag, which will contain documents: passports, birth certificates, documents  for the apartment, and so on. We advise to keep documents always close to you so they have will not be lost at all and you will not leave them in the old house.

Bags with essentials things should be signed and loaded to the car in the last turn, so they can be easily available. This box will be useful especially if you have small children.

Company "URA! Pereizd" has prepared a short list of the most essential things that should be kept in a box of the "first night". Although it depends on your needs, so just add necessary things to our general list.

first night box