How to make transportation of a grand piano in Lviv fast and safe?

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How to make transportation of a grand piano in Lviv fast and safe?

transportation piano Lviv

A grand piano is a musical instrument, beautiful and majestic. Its sound can be enjoyed indefinitely. The presence of a piano at home in Lviv symbolizes the wealth of the hosts, and in the middle of the 19th century each young lady had to be able to play on this musical instrument.

The difference between a grand piano and a piano and their classes

The main difference between musical instruments is the location of strings and decks. In a grand piano they are placed horizontally, in a piano - vertically. There are also some differences in the sound. In a grand piano it is more voluminous, full and loud. The main components of the musical instrument:

  • building;
  • cast iron frame with stretched metal strings (when they hit with a hammer they form a sound)
  • keys (set the hammers)

grand piano piano

To enhance the sound of the strings, a resonant deck is located below them. Depending on its length, pianos are divided into several classes:

  • large concert - 2.7-3.08 m
  • small concert - 2,4-2,5 m
  • salon - 2,1-2,3m;
  • large armchairs - 1,7-1,9m;
  • small office - 1,5-1,7m;
  • miniature (minions) - up to 1.5

Lviv residents mostly have office grand pianos. Their weight ranges from 260 to 350 kilograms, length - no more than 2 m, width - up to 1.5. Among the most common brands of the instrument are August Forster, Bluthner, Oscar Agthe, Estonia.

How to make the transfer of a grand piano safe?

Carrying a grand piano cabinet by its own very difficult. Transportation of the dimensional musical instrument requires careful preparation. For transportation it is necessary to take care of the availability of such equipment and material:

  • rigging trolleys - 2;
  • tightening straps - 2;
  • carry straps - 2;
  • packaging for the tool.

For the transfer and loading of the piano into a truck, the services of four professional riggers will be needed. To transport the piano to a new location was safe, you need a bead designed to transport the oversized cargo. The body of this car has a capacity of up to 10m3. In addition, it should have a compartment for securing the piano to immovable walls. To maintain the integrity of the piano, it is better to entrust this matter to the specialists of the moving company.

Preparation for the transportation of a concert grand piano, or other type of musical instrument, provides for some preparatory work. At a time when the piano is in a horizontal position, you need to remove the key cover and deck, as well as the pedals. This will significantly reduce the weight of the instrument (up to 40 kg) and its dimensions in order to carry out in the doorway.

grand piano grand piano

Next, you need to pack the top of the piano and put it in a vertical position. This will allow you to unscrew the legs of the instrument. To exclude damages during the transportation of pianofortes Lviv, their lower part also needs to be packed.

packaging placement

The musical instrument in the package is located on a special foot, which is attached to the straps. Next, the entire structure must be loaded onto rigging trolleys. This enables you to quickly and safely transport the pianoforte.

grand piano grand piano transfer

It is important that the transfer of the piano involved specialists-riggers, who know how to use belts. It is equally important that they have the necessary physical training and strength, because the load on each of them can be up to 100 kg.

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After the grand piano is transported to a new place in Lviv, it is unpacked, legs, pedals, key caps and decks assembled. Specialists do not recommend placing the musical instrument in batteries, other devices for heating the room and windows. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the piano should stand perfectly flat horizontally. At least three days later, you need to configure the piano. This is necessary to do, because after the transportation of the instrument to achieve a clear sound is not possible.

transportation carriage

Professional piano moving

Specialized moving company "URA! Moving" provides a full package of services, which includes the following works:

  • packing a musical instrument in cargo blankets, packing tape (this will avoid damaging the piano while transporting it to a new location)
  • the services of four riggers with the necessary belts
  • renting of rigging trolleys and paws
  • descending/raising the piano up to 6 floors (there is an additional surcharge for each floor - 50 UAH)
  • renting a lorry intended for the safe transport of a tool.

The price of transportation of a grand piano through the city of Lviv is 3750 hryvnias.

View the photo report as the riggers of the URA! Moving company carry out the transportation of the piano in Lviv by the link - here.

Moving the piano to a new place is a hard and painstaking work, let the professionals do everything for you. You will only have to enjoy its sound.