How to move to a guy

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How to move to a guy

moving to the boy

The long-term relationship between the boy and the girl implies a new stage - joint residence. Young people dream about their home and the comfort in it. At this time, there are many questions that you need to find the right answers. How to prepare parents for significant changes and what are the intricacies to pay attention to?

How to behave after a proposal to move to a boyfriend?

Girls, when they start a relationship with a boyfriend, often dream of how they will build their own nest. And now comes the moment when the guy proposes to live together. He no longer wants to accompany the girl to the house in the evenings and return to herself. There may be several reasons for this: he dreams of connecting life with his chosen one, or it is more comfortable for him to live together. How should a girl in such a situation be in order to keep the relationship and not frighten the boy with her perseverance?

Girls, as a rule, have a rich arsenal of cosmetics for body, hair and face care. You should not collect everything at once. It is necessary to take only the most necessary, so as not to put all the shelves in the bathroom with their tubes. If a girl has a favorite kitty or other animal, do not bring her with her. It will take some time, then you can take it along with other things. From time to time, it's time to stay overnight at parents. For some girls, such actions may seem strange, but the young couple, especially the boy, must be determined with intentions. As a rule, the first few days everything looks new and romantic. Co-habitation can lead to a new development of relations, or their completion.

If the boy's parents are against the girl's move?

The most widespread situation is when a young man lives with his parents. Parents may be against the move of the girl, since the appearance of a new resident will bring some changes in the household's livelihood. To avoid misunderstandings, the girl should remember that she comes to someone else's home and live in stress is not convenient. The quarrels that arise between a boyfriend's choice and his family negatively affects the relationship of a young couple. Every potential mother-in-law is a mistress in the home and in her own kitchen. It takes time to adjust the relationship. The young man should show his beloved mom that she has serious intentions. The girl must show the attention to her neighbors. This includes congratulations on holidays, shopping assistance, and homework support. If the newlyweds become a real family, the boy's parents will also be members of the family. However, the girl should remember that every person should have a personal space, so do not allow relatives very close to themselves. Warm, but somewhat separate relationships will help avoid many troubles.

How to tell a girl to her parents about a planned move to a boyfriend?

Not only boys but girls also have parents. In some cases it is more difficult for them to report the intention of abandoned home and to start adult life. In this case, the responsibility must be taken by a young man. He must inform the girl's parents about his intention. But there are cases where the mother and father of the "bride" do not share the girl's passion and try to influence the relationship. In this case, it is better to plan a trip to the time when there are no parents at home. The girl has to prepare, collect things, carry them to her beloved, and then tell their parents about their decision and the new place of residence. If the native girls are loyal to the guy, a constructive conversation will help avoid many challenges in the future.

How to encourage a boy to live together?

It so happens that more often the girl acts as the initiator of a joint residence. In order not to frighten a boy, he needs to be very careful to hint that it's time to bring the relationship to a new level. There are two options for this.

The first one needs careful preparation. You need to start with several things and care for the tubes, it can be some shirts and shorts, shampoo and deodorant. This will allow him to become accustomed to the idea that he is no longer alone.

The second method is suitable for more targeted and risky girls. In this case, it is necessary to speak directly and clearly, arguing with your words. Here one should be ready for a few turns of action. Some guys are glad to accept such an offer, acknowledging that they themselves could not make a decision or doubted whether another "half" would agree on such a move. Other guys can dwell. This does not mean that he does not want to live together, some men need time to make a responsible decision. There is another type of guys. When they hear the proposal, they begin to look for different drives to delay this moment. In this case, one has to think about whether it is worth continuing these relationships, because it can happen that he does not risk sharing his life with his beloved.

What needs to be addressed before planning a joint residence?

Every couple who plans to build a family sees a co-stay romantic, but in adult life this is not the case. Therefore, first of all, some questions and rules of common life are necessary. This may slightly spoil the picture seen in pink glasses, but will make the further existence more comfortable. What questions should you pay attention to? Musical tastes, time and playback volume; culinary tastes; habits You need to report things that do not like partners. It is necessary to discuss and distribute duties. It is worth paying attention to how and when to spend free time. It can be a walk in the park, an evening in the club with friends or a trip to the city. Young people usually choose loud companies with their peers, so we need to discuss the place and how often such meetings will be held.

The reasons why a girl does not want to move to a boyfriend

There are situations when a girl does not want to radically change her life. There may also be several reasons for this:

  • parents do not share her choices;
  • Dislike the housing offered by the young man
  • unstable or inadequate material condition
  • Unreasonable attacks of jealousy;
  • She is not sure that this is her fate.

Despite the reason, the problem can be resolved by conversation. All girls like it when a man is overwhelming and is ready to change for her.