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How to transport a refrigerator correctly: advice of professionals

Transportation of a refrigerator

The principle of operation of any refrigeration equipment is associated with the use of an engine and freon, which actually produces the much needed cold. For the correct and constant treatment of Freon through the system, copper tubes are mounted on the rear wall of the refrigerator, along which it moves and, accordingly, gives off the cold.

The need to transport a refrigerator in Lviv you can arise when carrying both an apartment and an office, because this household assistant is the most necessary equipment that is bought home and for work.

When transporting the refrigerator to a new location, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the notes that are on the packaging of the equipment itself and the transportation advice specified in the instructions for any refrigeration or freezing equipment.

MarkAs a rule, on the package you will see a mark in the form of two up arrow and image of the glass.

Let's look at the details of what they mean and how they affect the transportation of the refrigerator in Lviv and in any other city.

  • The two up arrows mean that the equipment must only be transported standing, the manufacturer does not recommend transporting it lying down or in any other way.
  • A mark in the form of a glass informs about the fragility of the contents in the box and prohibits canting the box and transporting the contents without packaging.

Why can not you transport a refrigerator lying down?

As already mentioned, in any refrigeration or freezing equipment there is a network of tubes through which freon moves.

This system is set up so that freon constantly flows down to the engine and rises upward under its pressure. If the refrigerator is not transported correctly, for example, lying on its side, freon flows to another place, but not to the engine. In the engine at this time, an air cushion is formed, which, when the refrigerator returns to a vertical position, does not allow freon to flow down.

When the equipment is plugged into the socket, the engine starts to run "dry" and immediately burns out. Repair in this case will cost from 30-40% of the cost of the refrigerator, because, as a rule, this will be an engine replacement.

Proper transportation of a refrigerator or a freezer in Lviv

Transport equipment by the rules! Transporting process

Turning to the recommendations of manufacturers, the company «URA! Pereyizd» carries refrigerating and freezing equipment only in an upright position.

Moreover, for our customers we offer a turnkey package of services, which is called "Fridge Carriage". Its cost is 1050 UAH.

The package includes:

  • Packing the refrigerator in the softener and packing tape to avoid damage during transportation;
  • packing of glass parts and boxes of a refrigerator in a packing tape;
  • descent / lifting in the amount up to 6 floors, for each next floor surcharge 10 UAH;
  • the work of a truck with cargo locks, for safe relocation;
  • in the cabin of a cargo bus or truck can accommodate only two passengers - porters;
  • the refrigerator is transported vertically (standing), if its height is more than 1.80 m, the transportation cost is increased by 300 UAH, as the truck with a body height of 2.1 m will work.

When carrying a refrigerator, the loaders of «URA! Pereyizd» necessarily use rigging straps to carry it exclusively vertically and with the utmost care.

In our trucks, the equipment is fixed with rigging ties, and in the corners where the strap touches the refrigerator, foam rubber or cardboard is put.

Transporting Refregerator

After transporting the freezing equipment, you must not include it in the outlet for at least 6 hours in order to allow enough time for the freon to drain into the crankcase of the engine and thus to prevent damage to the refrigerator.

Order the transportation of a refrigerator or a freezer in Lviv in our company and in a few hours you will be able to enjoy the cooled products in a new place.