How to stay friends with your neighbors?

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How to stay friends with your neighbors?

Tips for Carrying Things

On the one hand, moving is a joyful but also very important event. Moreover, no move can do without creating discomfort for your neighbors or even ordinary passers-by. Transportation of an apartment or office always requires the work of loaders and trucks who constantly load stairwells, take elevators and parking spaces. All this can not but irritate the neighbors and cause their outrage. That is why to avoid such troubles, it is necessary to think in due time a strategy of moving and its convenience for others.

Moving organization: what to consider?

When moving your apartment or office, you should take a professional approach to minimize any inconvenience. That is why, in order to prevent and stay in friendly relations with neighbors, it is advisable to take precautionary measures.

  • When scheduling a move date, it is best to schedule transportation on weekdays.
  • It is also very important to know in advance the weather conditions on your designated moving day. This is especially true for the relocation that takes place in the fall and winter. You should not plan to move on days that promise rainfall or icing. This can make it difficult for loaders to load and unload items.
  • In addition, when planning a move, you need to make sure everything is ready for transportation. That is, it is necessary to make sure that the lift is working and the aisles are not obstructed. When transporting pets, be sure to provide them with a cage so that the animals do not get lost under their feet.

Convenient relocation conditions: what to look for?

how to move correctly When planning an apartment or office move, you need to understand that the quality of the preparatory work will depend on or turn around for you and your neighbors with pain and trouble or everything will go smoothly and positively.

  1. That is why, first, inform your neighbors of the apartment or office that you are planning to move. Maybe they have some questions for you, maybe they have information that will impede or prevent the move. Be sure to report the hours of your move.
  2. Secondly, inform the owner of the apartment, if leased, about the future move, of the administration of the house where the office, condominium or housing office is to be rented. This issue is of great importance, as on the day of moving the house can be carried out works on repair of communications or landscaping, which will interfere with the quality work of loaders. It will not lead to conflicts on the day of moving and informing landlords, as there may be arrears of rent, utilities, etc.
  3. Third, place a friendly relocation announcement on each floor near the lift. Specify the date and time of the work. After all, the lion's share of the freight work during the apartment move is done with the involvement of the elevator. The busyness of the elevator certainly causes inconvenience and, consequently, dissatisfaction with neighbors from the upper floors.
  4. Fourth, book the parking spaces that are closest to the entrance to the entrance in advance, with a mandatory indication of the reason for such reservation. If these places are reserved for specific cars and you know their owners, agree with them that their parking spaces will be occupied at the time of moving. A nice surprise for them will be a "minor" sweet compliment from you.


warning neighbors  Moving organization

Moving Organization warning neighbors

Because the approach to the entryway in each home is unique, you should try to minimize the inconvenience that surrounds the truck. Who knows, you may have to go back to this place over time. So do not leave behind unpleasant impressions. Treat others the way you want them to treat you!