Packing secrets

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Useful advice for packing and transportation of stuff.

Packing and transportation secrets for organization of qualitative personal moving

Professionalism in any sphere consists in optimal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. But a real master distinguishes himself due to ability and wish to share his professional secrets.

Everyone who moved at least once or helped his friends to move knows that moving is not an easy affair. Every day more and more consumers find out that there are special companies which offer moving services. But since not all have an opportunity or wish to ask professionals for help, we will share some of our secrets with pleasure. We also hope that they will make your moving easier.

Furniture transportation

You must not push a wardrobe along parquet or other surface, otherwise traces and scratches will remain on the floor. What do you have to do, if it’s impossible to lift it up? We offer you to try popular methods:

  • to lay plastic or vinyl lids under the wardrobe legs;
  • to smear the legs with paraffin;
  • to lay a wet rag under the legs;
  • to lay lard skin under the legs.

You probably paid attention to the fact that loaders carry sacks with cement or sugar with great ease. The point is not in their physical strength, but in technique of cargo lifting and ability of using special auxiliary equipment. You may also use these knowledge while domestic moving. It will make transportation of heavy furniture and big domestic appliances much easier.

You can move a washing machine using fibreboard. It’s enough to lay a sheet under it, and you can “pull” it along the floor.

To lift a heavy wardrobe you can use ordinary towing cables for cars. Lifting of wardrobe up to 2-4 cm is possible right due to this simple device.

Packing things

Before you start packing things you have to prepare packing material. It can be bought (Посилання на купівлю матеріалів) or rented (Посилання на продаж матеріалів) (if it is a matter of boxes). You may use something you have close at hands, but still it’s better to use special material as a guarantee of cargo safety.

You can buy big durable bags for packing. You will find them in any household shop. Don’t forget about packing layer, sticky tape, and rope. You may use towing cable for cars wound around your hands while carrying heavy and big things.

After packing material is ready the stuff must be sorted out. In the process of sorting out you will have a unique opportunity to get rid of redundant, broken, and unnecessary things. By the way, in the process of moving you will have only two opportunities to get rid of redundant things – while packing and while unpacking.

It’s better to transfer clothes in big bags. If you plan to unpack stuff right after your moving, you may pack it as you wish. But if the bags will be unpacked for some time, pack clothes you don’t wear first. If you move in summer – pack winter clothes first, and vice versa, if you move in winter – summer clothes will be on the bottom of the bags and boxes. It is better to transfer clothes that you don’t wear, as well as linen, in a separate bag.

Footwear, bed linen, covers, plaids, towels must be packed according to the same principle. Use – up, don’t use – down. Don’t forget to sign bags and boxes, it will let you find them in a new placement quickly.


Glass and china crockery must be transferred in boxes. While it’s better to transfer shockproof one in bags. We advise to put one pot into another (without lids).

By the way, you can put some small items into the pots, like tea or coffee, cereals and spices, spoons-forks and other kitchen things. Don’t forget to use newspapers or packing paper as partition. It will help you avoid splits and scratches on enamel and save you from needless crash.

You have to pack plates, saucers, and cups separately, the same concerns items made of glass, cut glass, and other fragile material.


Heroes from old movies always transferred their books piling them up and tying them with a rope. Don’t do it (you may spoil a cover or lose a book). It’s better to transfer them in not very big boxes. They will be useful for packing of cosmetic substances, detergents, and other small things as well.

Domestic appliances

We doubt that you saved original packing from a tape-recorder or a DVD-player. In this case we offer you to select boxes of appropriate size and interlay the technics with paper or foam plastic.

Big technics, as well as furniture, can’t be packed in towels, but it’s possible to pack them in packing layer. While transferring monitors and TV-sets by passenger cars turn their screens to the seat.

Before transportation furniture must be dismantled into pieces to the maximum. Though you may transfer it whole winding it with layer beforehand. By the way, don’t forget to number wardrobe or table details (it will help you in the process of setting up).

While transporting things stick to the rule of weight “hard things down, light things up”, but not vice versa.

You have to care not only about your load, but also about yourself and your helpmates. Keep glasses and water close, because in the process of physical activity thirst usually bothers. And one more piece of advice – don’t make fights. Moving is a hard thing, but if you move with a good mood, it will be a kind of game for you.

In the end we offer you to watch a useful video about packing fragile things: