Rent a rokla and why you need it when moving

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Rent a rokla and why you need it when moving

rock to move

Rokla rental is a very popular service. It is ordered for construction sites, warehouses and even for moving to an office or bank. After all, heavy safes and ATMs can be safely transported only on the loose. In the article you will learn how to use it and what to look for when choosing.

Where the rokla is used

Moving is always a challenge, especially when moving a warehouse or even a bank branch. In the first case, it is a large number of products on pallets that need to be transported. And in the second case - it's heavy safes and even ATMs, which are difficult to transport only by loaders.

Rokla will come in handy when you need to unload building materials or move them a long distance on a construction site. It is for such unloading movements that a rigging trolley is used, or as everyone calls it - a rock.

What to look for when choosing a rokla

  • type of rokla (manual, manual hydraulic, electric, ladder, etc.), depending on the purpose, choose the cart you need
  • load capacity (lifting capacity of the trolley varies from 1-5 t, prefer trolleys with a load capacity of 2.5 t, because such models use better quality metal forks, and less risk of future deformation)
  • country of origin
  • working conditions and intensity (prefer reliable models, or those that combine quality and optimal price)
  • Important! When renting a rokla, pay attention to its serviceability.

Rent a rokla from URA! Pereyizd

The first professional moving company URA! Pereyizd offers rokla rental services. The main characteristics of the rokla:

  • capacity up to 1.5 tons
  • The length of the rokla is 1500 millimeters
  • The length of the fork of the rokla is - 1150 millimeters
  • The width of the fork of the rokla is 560 millimeters
  • The width between the outer ends of the wheels is 470 millimeters
  • The height of the handle of the rokla is 1180 millimeters
  • The lifting range of the rokla from the ground is a minimum of 85 and a maximum of 200 millimeters
  • type of wheels - polyurethane, which stand both in front and behind, on each boom two wheels, which allows you to better ride on uneven surfaces
  • rokla weight - 85 kg.

How to use a rokla correctly

Move the handle of the rokla up so that the guide forks begin to lower. Move the fork under the pallet or under the load. Move the handle of the rokla to the lower position and inflate the piston by moving the handle of the rokla up and down. Move the knob to the neutral position and start moving. Lower the pallet in the following ways: move the handle to the upper position and hold it until the fork is lowered to the lowest possible position, pull the fork out of the pallet or load.

Important! Clear the path in front of the rokla, it should be free, and movement should be carried out only on horizontal surfaces. Watch the lighting of the premises, it must be of good quality. Do not forget about the load capacity of the rokla and the weight of your load. Do not leave the equipment unattended or move non-palletized goods on the rokla. Secure the load.

The rental price is only 300 UAH for 1 day, delivery and collection of the rokla is 450 UAH. When renting a trolley, a deposit of UAH 2,000 is paid, when renting for more than 10 days, delivery and collection are free of charge. Rent a rock from the moving company URA! Pereyizd is a good solution when moving a warehouse, transporting a safe or ATM. Order a rock rental from the URA! Pereyizd and your heavy and bulky loads will move quickly, and most importantly safely.

Thank you for your attention. With love for change in life, sincerely your URA! Pereyizd.