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Requirements for trucks carrying perishable products


Transportation of various perishable goods is a rather complicated process that requires optimal liability. The wrong choice of carrier company can lead to certain problems. The language, as a rule, is the destruction of products, which can automatically lead to financial losses. In order to avoid such troubles, it's worthwhile to properly organize transportation of goods in Lviv and to transport perishable goods.

Shipping Features

A category of perishable food is a product that requires special storage and transportation conditions. They need to be implemented strictly in pre-designated terms. Among the most popular products in this category are the following:

  • fruits, vegetables and berries
  • meat products
  • Dairy products
  • live plants
  • Frozen Goods
  • Medicines

All without exception, the category of products and goods require careful observance of certain rules of carriage. Only in this way can you avoid serious problems with customers and loss of material resources.

Basic shipping rules

A company that transports perishable goods in Lviv requires compliance with conditions that must be respected regardless of the type of used transport. The main ones are:

  1. In the premises of warehouses and in lorries, certain temperature conditions must be maintained.
  2. Vegetables and fruits - this perishable cargo, which is transported in the summer, should be placed in a truck where the temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius. In this case, the total time of transportation should not be more than 6 hours, if it is green, then this time will be 3 hours.
  3. Vehicles must meet basic sanitary requirements.
  4. A transportation company that deals with the delivery of services and the transport of perishable goods is obliged to have transport with the function of cooling for the elderly and with the possibility of heating for transportation in the cold season.

Particular attention is paid to packing trucks in the truck. All products should be enclosed in such a way that there is a tight fit, without the probability of friction of goods one by one. It is strictly forbidden to carry different categories of goods in one trip.

Shipper requirements

No less important requirements are imposed on companies and organizations that send goods. Otherwise, penalties will be imposed on the firm's account. Most Important Requirements:

  • For the transport of animal raw materials and meat, the company is obliged to provide a special policy on veterinary and sanitary supervision;
  • if the products are shipped from a quarantined area, the sender is required to issue permits and special documents for perishable products and goods;
  • the sender must forward the bill of lading to the transport company, which specifies the real allowable temperature for the product before it is loaded and the maximum possible time;
  • Frozen products, like perishable goods, should be packed very tightly;
  • When transporting fresh or chilled products, care should be taken to ensure that everything is thoroughly packed and air is passed between the containers (between the load and the ceiling should be at least 30 cm).

External Factors

Various environmental factors have the same effect on the transportation of goods. These are special circumstances that can change and which are difficult to predict. This is not just about external conditions, but also about the defects of the container or the truck itself. The temperature is also directly affected, as well as important factors such as gas, dust, light and microbes.

All external factors need to be taken into account, only so it will be guaranteed to meet all obligations to partners and prevent financial losses. With regard to the time of transportation is inexpensive, it has a faster secondary factor, since small delays do not have a detrimental effect on the load, if the premises are properly selected, the packaging will be well serviced and the temperature maintained.

Major types of vehicles

One of the most popular means of transportation used for the transportation of various perishable products is the car. The route is usually laid from the production site to the sales store or to the place of consumption. Meat and all types of dairy products are usually transported at relatively small distances, fruits and all possible types of vegetables under normal conditions can withstand longer distances.

For the transportation of such products, modern companies use special isothermal trucks:

  1. Universal - Used for the rapid transport of meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, medicines.
  2. Specialized - for the transportation of fish, wines and other wine bases and materials.

Required Documents

For the bulk of transportation of goods it is necessary to collect a single package of documents. Among the basic references and required papers you can note:

  • A standard bill of lading is the main document providing information about the vehicle, driver and cargo
  • a travel letter drawn up by the carrier
  • An official contract with a carrier pre-certified by one party;
  • Driving License

These are the main documents that must be present at the time of transportation of perishable products. There are also certain secondary papers, the need for which is determined on an individual basis. These are papers such as invoice, quality certificate, employment contract, insurance policy and health book. The presence of all the necessary documents is no less important than compliance with certain conditions. If in the process of transportation there is no necessary certificate or paper, then the goods can be arrested and impose a fine on the transport company.

Order a cargo taxi and find out prices in Lviv can be found on the transport company's website. You can do this by phone or online.