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Rocla. Using rules

Rental tips for rocla

Today, hydraulic pallet trucks, or "rocla" – is a mandatory attribute of any usual and warehouse, where the goods are stored on pallets. They are compact and maneuverable, do not require special knowledge to work with, easy to operate and maintain. The slang name "rocla", which now all hydraulic pallet trucks are called, all already familiar and common.

Hand pallet trucks are different by capacity:

  • small - up to 1.5 tons;
  • average - 1.5-2.5 tons;
  • large - from 2.5 to 3 tons.

Large warehouses require stationary equipment. The funds spent on equipment are depreciated. A rocla works for several years.

What small businessman has to do? Insert money and use hydraulic trolley 1 or 2 times a month? There is a solution - rent rocla in Lviv. More about this service you can read here.

Rental rocla. What you should pay attention to

If you decide to rent a pallet truck, the responsibility for the equipment and safety precautions when working with rocla carries the tenant. The duty of the landlord to provide equipment in good agreement for a stated period.

General recommendations on rocla using:

General recommendations

  1. The trolley must be intact.
  2. Age of movers must be over 18 years.
  3. Keep track of your own hands and feet. They must not fall under the wheels of trucks or other moving parts of equipment. The feet are in strong closed shoes, arms - freight gloves! Using of sandals or slippers is prohibited.
  4. The way to rocla should be free. Movement is carried out only on the horizontal surfaces. Work in areas that are well lit.
  5. Keep an eye on the weight of the cargo. Do not exceed the load carriage. Do not leave equipment unattended. Do not move on rocla non-pallet products.
  6. The load should be recorded.
  7. Remember! Rocla – is hand equipment! Do not experiment with trucks, cars, engines and so on.
  8. Rocla is for the goods, but not for humans! Do not stand on the pallet forks or hydraulic wheelchair.
  9. Follow personal safety.

Getting Started! Lifting and moving of goods:

Rules of the rocla using

  • set the guides as low as possible;
  • bring the forks under the pallet with the load;
  • regulating knob should be in the "up";
  • move the handle until the guides do not rise to the desired height;
  • move the lever to the neutral position and start the movement.

Lowering the pallets is carried out as follows:

  • handle is moved to the "down";
  • released from the forks under the pallet load.

Rental rocla in Lviv will cost 300 UAH per day. The deposit for the equipment – 2000 UAH. Landlord provides services for the delivery pallet truck to the lessee. Within Lviv it will cost 450 UAH.

If the rent term of rocla in Lviv will be more than 10 days, the rental company will deliver the equipment at its own expense.

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