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Remains of sticky tape on your furniture – is a problem for many when moving

Remembering the move to a new home in memory of each of us comes up the process of removing the glue from furniture. It’s not the most pleasant experience, is not it? But you can somehow avoid this?

Now everything is possible! The fact that the professional moving companies use not a sticky tape to pack furniture, but foam polyethylene (softening) and stretch film. They allow you to capture high quality protective coating and eliminate the possibility of traces of glue. Regarding the tape, it can only be used for sealing boxes, masking tape after contact with the surface of furniture, objects and equipment being shipped is prohibited.

An example of how to protect the furniture from damage by company «URA! Pereyizd», shown in the photo below:

Attention! If you are faced with a case where loaders or moving company offers to seal door cabinets and pedestals with tape, know that this is not professional, and you can not avoid the process of removing the sticky remains from the surfaces of furniture and equipment.

4 most known ways to remove the sticky from the sticky tape

If it so happens that you still need to remove the sticky remains, here are some ways how you can get rid of them:

    1. White Spirit
      Enough popular way, however, it has its drawbacks when used. Firstly, not every house has this miracle of chemical industry. Secondly, the bad smell that will accompany the whole process of removing the remains will be a long time eroding both the room itself and with the processed items and surfaces. Thirdly, White Spirit – is a solvent, and it is with a probability of 50% may damage the paint finish of your furniture and clothes. And finally: it is sold in liter bottles, and to buy it in such large numbers for a few spots is uneconomical way.
    2. The purified gas
      This method is best suited to owners of lighters, which, in fact, used the purified gasoline. Otherwise, you have to buy a bottle of this tool, which, incidentally, is not cheap enough. In addition, odor in the process of dissolving the sticky, and furthermore, will accompany your luggage and furniture.
    3. Plant or essential oil
      This method is not always effective, because the oil will not dissolve the sticky and allow only physically remove it from the surface by reducing the friction between the cloth and the surface. The disadvantage is also the fact that you will have a long time to wash the surface of the fat. Another disadvantage is the inability to use this method for fabrics.
    4. Hydrogen peroxide
      The best means to launder the sticky remains, according to the moving company, is hydrogen peroxide. This drug has almost everyone in the home medicine cabinet, and its chemical properties allow to dissolve the glue without damaging the surface itself like and paint. In contrast, after the use of hydrogen peroxide your furniture will shine like after polishing. An example can be seen in the photo below:


The nice thing is that hydrogen peroxide is suitable not only for the dissolution of the sticky, but also to remove traces after plastic and rubber. Especially it would be appropriate for the car owners. In the photo below you can see how using this wonderful tools we have removed the traces of plastic in our cars:

Please note that the piece of fabric, which you will remove the marks on the surface, should be thrown out, because after the dissolution the sticky will remain on it forever.

As you can see, each of these methods has its drawbacks. However, if the view laundering sticky remains from the surfaces of furniture and appliances you are not happy, order transportation of furniture and belongings in our moving company "URA! Pereyizd".

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