Transportation of office: recommendations on optimization of work

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Transportation of office: recommendations on optimization of work

Location of furniture in the new office

Transportation of the office has its own specifics and features, which must be taken into account at the planning stage. So, one of the most important tasks for office removals is the location of furniture in a new room. After all, new planning must meet standards and permissible standards, and be comfortable and comfortable for employees.

In order to speed up the process of arranging furniture in a new office, it is necessary to make a detailed plan in advance, make all necessary measurements and the like. And the task of preparing a plan for the future placement of furniture should be entrusted to the office workers themselves, because no one except them will determine the most convenient option.

Having such a plan and knowing the features of the premises, the specialists of the moving company will cope with their work much faster, they will be able to provide the highest quality result.

Steps to prepare a plan for the layout of furniture in a new office

To prepare a quality plan that can really optimize the work of the movers, it is necessary to approach this issue in a comprehensive manner. It is important to perform a number of mandatory tasks, namely:

  1. Remove the sizes of all office furniture that will need to be transported to a new office, and also mark it with the help of numbers or initials of people who work for it.
  2. Visit the new office, measure its area and height, as well as analyze the options for the entrance of the truck, skid furniture, use of the elevator, etc. To determine this information it is better to communicate with the owners of the new premises.
  3. Remove the dimensions of all the doorways through which you will need to add furniture. If a freight elevator is installed in the building, its dimensions must also be measured.
  4. Identify the location of outlets, switches and alarm sensors, mark them on the office layout. This stage is very important, because the furniture located should not cover all these elements, and office equipment should be installed as close as possible to the outlets.
  5. Indicate the location of the lighting devices and air conditioning systems. This will determine the definition of optimal working areas.
  6. Identify possible features of the new premises, if any. It can be columns, additional partitions or emergency exits, access to which in no case can not be blocked.
  7. Given all the indicators obtained, the markings marked on the furniture should be moved to the new layout of the premises in the same way as the space in the office space will be organized.

Comfortable and convenient office after moving for you!Prepare such a layout of the furniture can be done manually, drawing it on a large sheet of paper, or use for this purpose special programs. This can be as standard editors, such as Paint, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, etc., and special programs for engineers and architects. However, it should be remembered that it is rather difficult to work with them, therefore, if possible, it is better to entrust this task to professionals. You can also use on-line programs, which are usually more easy to use.

In the photos below you can familiarize yourself with the options of our furniture layouts when you move your office to a new premise.

The schemes The schemes for office

Having carried out such work in advance and qualitatively, it is possible to significantly speed up the process of transporting the office and optimize the work of movers. All furniture will be installed immediately in accordance with the plan, and therefore the employees of the moving company will not need to move it further, which usually leads to inconvenience.

Everyone should do his own business, which he owns perfectly. A competent approach to the task is the guarantee of a qualitative result.