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What should the stretch film for moving be like

Stretch film for moving

Stretch film is an important attribute of any move and excellent protection of products from dirt, dust, moisture and various accidental mechanical damage, as well as stretch film perfectly fixes products transported on wooden and plastic pallets. The importance of its technical characteristics is difficult to overestimate, because it allows you to secure the packaging material, ensure the integrity of the cargo and, last but not least, provides convenience during transportation. In our article you will learn what it is used for and what its technical characteristics are.

What stretch film is used for

Stretch film, or packaging film is widely used in the transportation of things, because it allows you to quickly and efficiently pack a large amount of products, most often - cargo on pallets and equipment. In the field of relocation, packaging film is widely used primarily to secure cargo blankets, with polyethylene foam to your belongings.

It allows you to easily and quickly attach packaging materials to your furniture or appliances and quickly move them to a new location. Packaging film is also used to pack small items such as:

  • forks
  • spoons
  • knives
  • metal utensils so they don't crack when moving

Unique properties of stretch film

Стретч-плівка для переїзду

Stretch film is made of low density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. Depending on the purpose, objectives and goals, its thickness varies from 5 to 23 microns. Please note the unique properties of the film:

· elasticity

· tensile strength

· resistance to extreme temperatures

· resistance to aggressive environments

· easy to use

· retains "stickiness" with repeated use

· light weight

· optimal cost

· transparency and gloss


Стретч-плівка для переїзду

Stretch film is divided into three categories:

1st place - transparent, it is the most popular

2nd place - black

3rd place - color (in two versions: red and blue)

Stretch film types:

  • Technical
  • food

Technical stretch film is usually used for packaging raw materials and finished products during storage and transportation. Most often, this film covers the load on pallets. The advantages of technical stretch film are the saving of packaging material, the ability to pack goods with non-standard forms, arbitrary grouping of units of goods. Food stretch is polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Each of them has its advantages: § PVC film is known for its ability to "breathe" - it transmits oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. § PE film gives products a perfect appearance and reliably protects against dust, dirt and moisture. § Both types food stretchers are invulnerable to chemical aggressors and resistant to critical temperatures.

Key characteristics of stretch film

Стретч-плівка для переїзду

Used for manual packaging and use when moving an apartment, house or even office. Locks packed items securely. Stretch material completely repeats the shape of the object and prevents its damage. Tightness protects against moisture and dust, because the move can take place when it is rainy outside, etc. Stretch film does not increase the weight of the object, but qualitatively fixes it and protects it from damage. Prevents the formation of condensation, unlike ordinary polyethylene film.

The film thickness of 17 microns, so you understand 17 microns is 0.017 mm. The width of the roll is 500 mm, and the length is 280 running meters, weight 2.4 kg.

And most importantly ! It can stretch as much as three times.

Стретч-плівка для переїзду

So, to summarize. Stretch film is a cheap, versatile, safe, economical and easy-to-use packaging material. Ideal for both artificial packaging and wrapping of cargo pallets. If you have already thought about choosing the right stretch film for your application, the company URA! Pereyizd has already taken care of this. Currently, the company does not have the service of providing stretch film for rent, but you can buy packaging film from URA! Moving for only 300 hryvnia for 1 roll. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently pack all your things so that they can be easily and quickly, but most importantly safely moved to a new place. To learn more about the company, go to http://www.urapereyizd.