Wrapping paper. What is his role during the move

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Wrapping paper. What is his role during the move

wrapping paper


Wrapping paper is an essential attribute of any move. It allows you to save dishes, fragile things from damage in cardboard boxes, is often used for packing furniture, mirrors, appliances, etc. In this article we will consider its types, purpose and characteristics.

Purpose of wrapping paper

First of all, it should be noted that wrapping paper is designed for both food packaging and various things. Yes, paper is a great packaging material for food, especially for bakery and meat products. In large supermarkets, your purchases are packed in such paper bags.

As for moving, it's a different matter, wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping kitchen utensils, glass and fragile things. It allows you to safely put everything in a box so that no damage or chips appear on your dishes. Wrapping paper occupies an honorable place among the packaging materials, and is the most popular. It is also used as a base for boxes with office equipment and kitchen utensils, is a constant material for glass, porcelain and other fragile and delicate items.

Why pay attention when choosing wrapping paper

  • parameters (sheet length, width)
  • type of wrapping paper (sometimes in rolls, in a pack)
  • paper density
  • Material safety
  • Purpose of use ( wrapping paper can be universal or special for glass or mirror products)

Wrapping paper from URA! Pereyizd

The first professional moving company URA! Pereyizd offers you 2 completely different types of wrapping paper. The first wrapping paper in rolls, its technical characteristics: density - 35 g/sq.m., Width of this roll - 0,84 m, and length - 80 m.p. The paper complies with DSTU 16711-84. The price of such a roll is UAH 350. It is primarily intended for packaging kitchen utensils and glass parts.

The second type of wrapping paper in sheets. Its technical characteristics: density of this paper - 80 g/sq.m., Sheet sizes: 0,84х60 m, in a pack - 50 sheets, the paper corresponds to DSTU 8273-75. The price of such a roll is UAH 350. This paper is primarily intended for packaging large fragile items, such as vases, paintings, mirrors.

The biggest demand among the clients of the URA moving company! The move has paper in a roll, because it is more practical to use, has a lower density, which allows you to better pack small things and can be easily adjusted by the amount of paper needed, due to the fact that it is in a roll. Important! Remember the saying, the miser pays twice? So, in order not to fall victim to avarice, please do not skimp on packaging material. Firstly, it significantly reduces the level of safety of cargo transportation, and secondly, if not enough material is used and there are voids, there is a risk of breaking and damaging something during transportation. Pay special attention to fragile items: entrust the packaging to specialists, using special equipment, and minimize the space occupied in the body.

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Thank you for your attention, with a love of life change. Sincerely cheers! Moving.