Moving Counter: 1991

Foodstuffs moving by special vehicles.

Moving of foodstuffs which need special conditions

There are such kinds of freight which demand specific moving, that is strict observance of necessary temperature regime. It is a matter of such foodstuffs as:

  • chocolate and confectionery;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • seafoods, fish, meat and meat products, chilled or frozen.

What is temperature regime specificity while transportation?

First of all the specificity lies in using of special technics and transport:

  • coolers with refrigerating equipment and opportunity of regulating of subzero and above-zero temperature;
  • insulated vans which permit preserve qualities and appearance of perishable foodstuffs.

We provide qualitative transportation services in the following way:

  • equipping of all the vehicles with modern ventilation systems which provide van ventilation;
  • observance of sanitary norms – all the insulated vans are covered with eco-material inside;
  • observance of technology which includes tracing of admissible temperature variations and frequency of van opening.

Experience in cargo moving which demands specific transportation conditions, personal specialized transport and qualified staff, permits us to guarantee safe transportation independently of a kind of freight and temperature regime (profound freezing, medium-temperature cargo, and cargo that needs above-zero temperature and intense ventilation).

We offer individual approach to work with our consumers, complexity and professionalism. All these things are the pledge of high-quality, efficient, and safe foodstuffs moving.