Moving Counter: 1991

You know her from a thousand ... - our car, of course!

The company «URA! Pereyizd» now has its own cars under brand! Our mini-van now easy to find among the thousands of little blue cars, so when you saw it on the streets, you can safely handle wave us!

Special signs? Please! Mini-van is dark blue. There is a logotype of our company on the roof, the doors and the hood of the car – fan truck (this may have been only for us) and the inscription " URA! Pereyizd". And also it’s provided an informative part, namely the list of services that we provide, and the phone numbers that you can contact us. However, as the saying goes, "better to see once than hear a hundred times", so here's a photo of the auto:

our brended minivenour cargo miniven

So when you saw a car, do not hesitate to contact «URA! Pereyizd»!

Another good news is that we will now be seen in the new Google maps and perhaps even from outer space! So you can easily find our office on the map via the Internet and will certainly reach us, even if you have to travel from the Universe!