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The winner of the contest for the best slogan for "URA! Pereyizd" is defined!

As we know from 01/11/2015 to 12/13/2015 everyone could send their versions of the advertising slogan for "URA! Pereyizd". According to the conditions the slogan had to be individual, original, one that never used by other companies, meet the sphere of activity and potential customers call to action - to order the service. The offers were made in the groups of social network - VKontakte and Facebook. A nice feature of the action was that the winner was waiting for a gift - a reward of 1000 UAH.

Users pleasantly impressed us with its activity. We received 300 proposals, many of which were interesting and creative ideas. We even were dedicated poems!

However, the winner was the slogan "Change the life easily", authored by Oksana Maruschak. Our company welcomes Oksana and thank everyone who participated in the contest.

Photos from the awards ceremony and the transfer of copyright to the slogan and the lucky winner you see in the picture!

winner of the contest

And another good news! If you did not win this contest - do not despair! For those who are willing to share with us their interesting and creative ideas a new contest starts from 18/01/2016! So do not delay - join us!