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I was VERY lucky that I accidentally saw HURRAY moving companies car and their contacts. It was really pleasure to work with them. They helped me with moving of my office , everything was very well organized and very fast. Workers were careful and almost nothing destroyed (only one table a little bit) . OK honest to say it was quite pricey , but I am quite satisfied with result and quality, because no stress and no troubles. I only regret about why I did not select possible option, when you just give keys from old office and new office, and HURRAY moving company take care of everything at all. Because it is also possible :) Next time I will order them again with such option. Highly recommended.

How can it be connected - your moving and charitable assistance for Lviv citizens

charitable assistance for Lviv citizensThe fact that while on the moving a lot of furniture is not necessary for the owners, «URA! Moving» knows firsthand. Our team often becomes a witness of how not only the furniture, went to the owners by inheritance, it remains in the same place of residence, but also practically new stuff is looking for other owners.

How to make a better world

There is a category of people who are need of assistance not on their own wish. Our team knows how to help these people and is ready to support anyone who agrees to participate in this completely voluntary, nobody has publicly declared shares.

Household staff that is no longer needed by the former owners, «URA! Moving» accumulates at the warehouse. With the accumulation of these items, they are transmitted to the center stay homeless citizens. Such assistance is feasible for everyone, while Lviv citizens who find themselves in difficult situations, fewer feel their loneliness and alienation from the people and the world that seem so far away.

Ready to help

One of these trips took place in early September. Our cargo minivan completely filled with clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils and even toys, brought all visitors of Lviv Center for homeless people stay. Both the administration and the visitors of the center, were pleasantly surprised by the gifts and gladly took everything.

Lviv Center for homeless people

For its part, the company «URA! Moving» constantly conducts such actions to collect unwanted things someone to transfer them to the appropriate centers.

Carrying out the staff Carrying out the staff to the Center

Our current and future customers, we invite you to participate with us in this event, and to transfer the things that is no longer in use for several years, where they are really needed.

Doing good together, we can do more!