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How to carry out medical equipment on time and reliably

Medical equipment movingMedical equipment - it is not only difficult, but also fragile. This is the company's employees «URA! Pereyizd» knew before, but recently they had a chance to learn and feature of these vital transportation vehicles.

The company received an order to move from Lviv to Drohobych entire laboratory for the analysis of blood. Regular customers of «URA! Pereyizd» medical Center" MeDis" has decided to offer services to the city by a blood test and ordered the transportation of special diagnostic device, weighing 425 kg, and its price was 16,500$. For such transportation workers approached very responsibly. Through the use of special handling equipment, it is difficult removals was carried out successfully and the residents of Drohobych were able to carry out complex analyzes of blood in a new town.

Transportation of medical equipment - this is a very serious matter, because it requires a cautious attitude, and great physical and organizational costs. We must understand that greater weight equipment is not only difficult to ship, because this requires special equipment, but it also has shifted the center of gravity. If it is not securely fixed, such equipment may even throw down a truck.

Medical equipment moving Medical equipment moving

Medical equipment moving Medical equipment moving

Professional riggers of our companies will be able to place, consolidate and carry any equipment in compliance with all security measures. Industrial, technological or medical, it is safe to be delivered to a new location. For convenience while lifting the load, you can use a hydraulic lift. This device has a great advantage - the ups and downs he even heavy equipment very smoothly. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to the machine while it is loading.

Order transportation of medical equipment in the company «URA! Pereyizd» and then transportation will be reliable at all 100.