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I was VERY lucky that I accidentally saw HURRAY moving companies car and their contacts. It was really pleasure to work with them. They helped me with moving of my office , everything was very well organized and very fast. Workers were careful and almost nothing destroyed (only one table a little bit) . OK honest to say it was quite pricey , but I am quite satisfied with result and quality, because no stress and no troubles. I only regret about why I did not select possible option, when you just give keys from old office and new office, and HURRAY moving company take care of everything at all. Because it is also possible :) Next time I will order them again with such option. Highly recommended.

Moving the main office of the pharmacy chain and optician «Biomed» performed perfectly!

Moving Headquarters Biomed

For the specialists of “URA! Pereyizd” there are no super complicated tasks. Having received the assignment from the client, we in advance think over each step of its implementation, and therefore always show qualitative results.

Features of the task

This time the task for our moving company was the moving of a permanent customer - the network of drugstores and the optician "Biomed", namely their head office.

Cooperation with the network of pharmacies and optician "Biomed" has been going on for quite a long time, so specialists have come to the task with maximum understanding and responsibility.


The customer selected the Elite package of services, that is, the turnkey transfer. The main difficulty of the task was that all the work had to be done in one night, after all the next morning, at the request of the network's management, all employees had to start their work in the new office.

біомед biomed



How did the “Biomed” head office move?

To transport the office for 30 workplaces, our company attracted 10 loaders. Transportation of furniture and things happened using a 35 m3 truck that traveled three times between the old and the new office.

Since the furniture was quite a lot, according to our recommendation, the network management in advance developed a plan for arranging furniture in the new premises. This allowed us to significantly save time and ease the work of our specialists.

biomed biomed

In general, the journey lasted 12 hours. In the morning all the works were finished, therefore, as it was agreed, at 9:00 the company's employees were able to take their jobs in the new office. From the management we received positive feedback and were completely satisfied with the quality of the assignment.

biomed biomed

With confidence we can say: having entrusted the relocation of our moving company, you are guaranteed to get a quality result and will be satisfied with the speed of work!