Moving Counter: 1991

New partners of «URA! Pereyizd»

We are constantly working on the development of our company, the expansion and quality of еру services. Company Design Corporation DM Group has joined the close-knit family of partners of URA! Pereyizd.

Main activities of the partner:

  • Development of interiors for residential and industrial facilities;
  • Concept of the architecture;
  • Production of designer furniture and decor;

This enterprise is characterized by high demands on their business partners. However, it is a leader itself, has international prestige in their field. Among the clients of Design Corporation DM Group salons of furs «Actors», the company of IT  direction «Perfectial», private apartments, houses and other.

Recently, the company moved to new premises. To move office quickly and safely, it was decided to use the services of a professional company. And transport company URA! Pereyizd managed an unusual task and equipment quickly and professionally. Cooperation with Design Corporation DM Group can be described by the following theses:

  • They are creative people - we are practical;
  • They build and plan - we have a reliable rear;
  • They do calculations - we have calculated a route and moved;
  • They are looking for new material - we have brought and unpacked equipment.

The company Design Corporation DM Group has established itself as a reliable, interesting client and good business partner. Working with a company that specializes in design - it is an occasion to searching of new ideas for the logistics of our company.

office moving process

installation of furniture in the office

new office DM Group

office space DM Group

moving to new office DM Group