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Rally in support of the Ukrainian army

help to the soldierCompany URA! Pereyizd in favor of unified and independent Ukraine.

Given the difficult economic situation of the Ukrainian army that defends our rights and freedoms, and today requires not only moral but also significant financial assistance.

Our company decided to charge 5% of each order for traffic to help Ukrainian military.

As 23.09.2014r. are listed 1707 hryvnia of which: 700 hryvnia the accounts of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine; 157 hryvnia on account of the battalion Dnipro - personally Lívivate Vladimir Parasiuk; 200 hryvnia. for the treatment of wounded soldiers Kikin Alexander; 200 hryvnia for the purchase of uniforms for the 80th Brigade; 250 hryvnia transferred to settlers from the Crimea, 200 hryvnia purchased stationery items for children's clinic OHMADIT.

The action will continue until our victory.

We hope for a speedy recovery to the wounded, end ATO and restore peace on the Ukrainian land.

Glory to Ukraine!