Attention, competition! The prize - UAH 1000

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I was VERY lucky that I accidentally saw HURRAY moving companies car and their contacts. It was really pleasure to work with them. They helped me with moving of my office , everything was very well organized and very fast. Workers were careful and almost nothing destroyed (only one table a little bit) . OK honest to say it was quite pricey , but I am quite satisfied with result and quality, because no stress and no troubles. I only regret about why I did not select possible option, when you just give keys from old office and new office, and HURRAY moving company take care of everything at all. Because it is also possible :) Next time I will order them again with such option. Highly recommended.

Attention, competition! The prize - UAH 1000

contest for sloganCompetition for the creation of a slogan - UAH 1,000 prize!

Friends, we are sure that you have already proclaims «URA! Pereyizd»  during  your office or flat moving. With us it is easy, simple and fun! Therefore, we have decided to make a contest for creation an advertising slogan for our company.

Everyone can participate in the competition and get the grand prize - UAH 1,000!

Detailed terms and conditions of the contest "URA! Pereyizd":

  • The deadline for applications - from 01 October to 13 December 2015.
  • The prize fund - UAH 1,000.
  • The text must be 100% unique.
  • A slogan - is the urge to action and a brief description of the company's mission-carrier.
  • Texts are being accepted in social networks Facebook and VKontakte on the customer «URA! Pereyizd» page. Communication with authors, commenting, and making proposals – is possible only on relevant pages of social networks.
  • The number of proposals from each party is not limited.
  • Following the announcement of the results of the copyright in an advertising slogan becomes the property of the customer - the company «URA! Pereyizd». The author's consent will be recorded in writing and notarized in the presence of interested parts after payment of the remuneration to the winner.
  • The results will be announced on December 16, 2015 in the pages of the company in social networks Facebook and VKontakte.
  • The remuneration will be paid in cash or non-cash with tax payments, in accordance with applicable law. It will be documented, the author will be photographed at the time of payment of money.

Information for contestants

Company «URA! Pereyizd» provides freight transportation on the territory of Lviv and Lviv region. Subsequently it has plans to go number one in the moving market in Western Ukraine. The company operates 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

We look forward to your suggestions! And do not forget to share with your friends the news that they evaluate your options!