Moving Counter: 1991

URA! New Year

Dear customers!

It’s only couple of days before the New Year, and we hope that your mood has become a holiday mood.

Company "URA! Pereizd" sincerely wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We wish you strength of mind, peace and harmony in your life. Left everything bad in 2014, and let the new and good come in 2015.

We wish you to ride the Blue wooden goat as soon as possible and seamlessly "move" to the new year, new success and new experience. This beautiful animal represents in 2015 a positive change for anyone looking to turn their way of life, get a lot of interesting offers and opportunities. Let's go to a new, brighter future in our country, in our lives!

And let all the desired to move immediately to you!

With sincere greetings and always at your service, workers of moving company

"URA! Pereizd"