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Office furniture moving

We transfer office furniture.

Oriental wise men said that it’s bad to live during changing times, but they were not totally right. After all, changes are always for better, even if it’s not so at first sight.

Moving is changing of office location, surroundings, atmosphere. It means new opportunities and prospects. And not to let technicality spoil joy of feeling of something new and paralyze work of your company for several weeks you have to entrust moving organization to professionals.

Main reasons of furniture damaging while unprofessional transfer:

  • loaders’ careless treatment;
  • absence of qualitative packing material;
  • using of transport which is not equipped with special fixing systems etc.

You need not just loaders

Office furniture moving must be done not just by experienced loaders, but by professional carpenters and furniture-makers. After all, this service includes dismantling, packing, assembling, and arrangement of office property.

As a rule, furniture costs a lot, and it’s very important for a customer to be sure in its safety. We fully understand this wish, that’s why we guarantee safety and wholeness of your property.

Why it is better to address us in Lviv

Entrusting your moving to us you may forget about splits, scratches, damaged edging and other troubles. Our professionals have longstanding and successful work experience and they are provided with professional instruments and special equipment.

Our vehicles are equipped with fixing systems which are necessary for safe moving of office cupboards, computer tables, bureaus (both bodily and knocked-down).

We offer packing material which is remarkable for its density, texture, and which is selected depending on a kind of cargo.