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I was VERY lucky that I accidentally saw HURRAY moving companies car and their contacts. It was really pleasure to work with them. They helped me with moving of my office , everything was very well organized and very fast. Workers were careful and almost nothing destroyed (only one table a little bit) . OK honest to say it was quite pricey , but I am quite satisfied with result and quality, because no stress and no troubles. I only regret about why I did not select possible option, when you just give keys from old office and new office, and HURRAY moving company take care of everything at all. Because it is also possible :) Next time I will order them again with such option. Highly recommended.

Packing material rent: when it’s profitable

Packing material for rent

One of the most difficult tasks in the process of moving is creating of the most comfortable and secure conditions for the cargo, and it doesn’t matter if it is a question of office or flat moving. It means that your domestic appliances and office equipment, books and crockery, clothes and furniture have to move safe and sound and not to be lost on the way. And even if your property is entrusted to professional removers, anyway they must use special packing material to provide safe moving.

And it’s not a matter of used boxes of unknown origin and old newspapers, but a matter of professional packing material which can be bought in building hypermarkets or in a moving company directly.

How professional packing material differs from ordinary one

First of all it offers an advantage of strength, carrying capacity, and functional parameters. For example, there is material which is worked up especially for packing glass and ceramic stuff, precious metal or stone. There is also material which is used for packing and moving equipment (either domestic or office).

Another peculiarity of professional packing material is its well-thought-out design and dimension.

How to select packing

Selecting of appropriate packing material is a very important task which must be entrusted to professionals. Even if you plan to move your stuff by yourself, you’d better consult with a “pro” on account of packing layer or paper, functional features of which may essentially differ depending on their kind.

For instance, packing layer can be ordinary, bubble or bubble-air. And packing paper can be multi-purpose or especially made for glass or mirrors.

Besides, a specialist from a moving company will give you a piece of advice as for necessary quantity of packing (depending on a kind of moving, amount and type of stuff etc.).

An optimal variant is rent

Professional packing performs its functions perfectly and provides safety of things, but it is also remarkable for high price. It’s quite understandable, because it is made of modern eco-friendly raw product which is reliable and enduring on the one hand and doesn’t threaten to environment on the other hand.

The issue of packing material price can be resolved very easy. If moving is not your hobby and you don’t plan to make it a regular process, we advise you to use an opportunity of some packing kinds rent.

What is rational to rent

It is not rational to rent packing layer, for example, because it will hardly be of use again. But you may rent for moving special boxes made of goffered cardboard or veneer.

We offer you multi-purpose, file (for documents, discs, and books), wardrobe (for clothes), made of goffered cardboard (for crockery and valuable interior items) boxes.

Even in the presence of professional loaders and specially equipped cars, carrying boxes full of stuff can add difficulties. Especially if it is a question of boxes with books or equipment. Sometimes they can become heavy just in a couple of minutes. For such cases we offer to rent shuttle cars and special Euro-pallets.

Euro-pallets have standard dimensions and are suitable for any kind of transport. And their usage can make the process of stuff loading and unloading much easier and faster.

Moving is a difficult thing not only for a consumer, but also for his budget. To make your finance load minimal we offer you to use the opportunity of packing material rent. It will cut down expenses connected with moving. All the more, delivery of packing material and its further removal from the object are included in the rent price.