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Packing material for moving

Packing material sale

It’s impossible to organize and conduct moving without using packing material. Or rather it’s possible, but in this case the consequences will be sad for your furniture and technics, to put it mildly.

Offering you moving services depending on a chosen service packet (“Saving”, “Basic” or “Elite”, we offer different conditions of material purchasing. Even if you are not our client you may buy any kind of packing, in any quantity and at very attractive prices.

Our selection of packing material:

  • for convenient transportation of outer clothing, documents, technics, books, and crockery - cardboar boxes, cases, and goffered package;
  • for providing additional protection while moving fragile cargo - foamed polyethylene of different kinds of thickness (1- 3 mm) and length (rolls of 50 m and 100 m);
  • for convenient collection and removal of construction waste, as well as for moving things “in bulk” - polypropylene sacks;
  • for fragile glass, china, and ceramic items, as well as for protection of furniture from mechanical damages – different kinds of layer, including bubble-air, bubble, and air ones;
  • for safe moving of crockery and glass stuff we offer packing paper;
  • for packing foodstuffs – stretching layer;
  • for quick packing and long-term keeping of things – packets equipped with Zip-Locks;
  • for patching of surfaces we offer double-sided sticky tape, it can be used for marking of boxes as well;
  • for providing safety of mirror and glass surfaces – cardboard 5-layer sheets.

Optionally removal of packing waste may be included in the list of services offered by our specialists.

Due to our longstanding partnership with package producers our clients have an opportunity to buy package at producers' prices.

Of course, we are aware that professional packing material costs a lot and sometimes buying it is not profitable and even pointless.