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Loading equipment: rent of rocla 

Rent of rocla in Lviv

Life is an unpredictable thing! Today, everything is stable, and tomorrow it is necessary to change the environment, address or place of work. Moving into a new apartment or an office, opening your own shop or warehouse - and maintenance of their own business depends only on the host.

Transportation of goods is carried out by means of:

  • your own muscles;
  • employees;
  • loading units of different sizes.

Naturally, own muscular strength is inexpensive. But can you move a lot of the load? And what about time, injuries and treatment?

Employees - it is wages, taxes, social security. And if such a number of personnel is not required on a regular basis?

The solution for the small businessman - is to rent a small size of the loading equipment, but high load capacity. Such as rocla or hydraulic hand truck.

Rocla: historical background

History of this simple design dates back to the mid-twentieth century. Engineers of Finnish company «Rautatyo Oy» created the first hydraulic truck. Later the manufacturing firm was renamed to «Rocla Oy», hence the popular name of "rocla" was born.

This device has a cargo platform of 2 forks or arrows, independent wheels. This allows using of rocla in rooms with uneven floors. Differences of pallet trucks are on duty, the presence of additional devices - scales, size guide platforms. Standard equipment dimensions are about 1150*540 mm.

This truck has established itself as a high-quality device that is designed for the transportation and movement of goods. Using of rocla is possible almost everywhere: in supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses, industrial plants. Clients call it "universal technology", which helps to save not only your time, but also the company's budget.

Where and how to rent a pallet truck?

Moving company «URA! Pereyizd» offers a rental rocla in Lviv for the needs of small and medium businesses, as well as for your own use.

Rental properties of rocla in Lviv:

  1. The company «URA! Pereyizd» offers pallet truck with load capacity of 1.5 tons.
  2. The cost of renting rocla in Lviv is 300 UAH for 1 day. The deposit for the device – 2000 UAH. After the end of the deposit is returned to the customer equipment.
  3. If the rental period is more than 10 days, the company will deliver and take the rocla back at their own expense. Otherwise, the cost of delivery of equipment will be 450 UAH.

Detailed specifications of rocla from "URA! Pereyizd"

  • Capacity 1500 kg
  • Length 1500 mm;
  • Pitchfork length 1150 mm;
  • Pitchfork width 560 mm;
  • The width between the outer faces of the wheels 470 mm;
  • Handle height of rocla 1180 mm;
  • Lifting range of rocla of the ground 85-200 mm;
  • Wheel type - polyurethane, both front and back;
  • Weight of rocla 85 kg.

Important! This equipment is intended for lifting and moving loads only. During use you must comply with the rules on the operation and maintenance of rocla. Use only by people familiar with the peculiarities of its operation, safety and maintenance of hydraulic carts. Before use, be sure to check out our detailed advice on the use of rocla.

Need to move goods, furniture or boxes with things? Refer to the moving company, «URA! Pereyizd». We will help you not only to pack, load and unload, deliver the goods at a particular address, but also offer additional equipment on a rental basis. This will help to save money to each company!