Moving Counter: 1991

House moving: more things – more troubles

We move house property quickly and with high quality. Move to the new with comfort.

Those who try to persuade you that moving is worse than fire, are guided by bitter experience of property moving on their own. Transportation conducted with your own hand can drag on several weeks and become a reason of temporary emotional and financial losses because of chaotic process.  Self-moving means spoilt property and nerves, lost things and time. 

What to do when moving of the whole house is ahead

Do you want to become a lucky bargee for whom moving is not a universal disaster, but just a change of domicile? Then address us.

Due to their experience and professionalism, equipment and innovations, the specialists from our moving company will move even “the Solomon’s Treasury” quickly, carefully, and almost insensibly for the owner.

The service includes:

• estimation of property and volume of work;

• working out of cost estimate and moving plan;

• preparing of property for transportation (disconnecting of technics, dismantling of furniture, packing of things, marking, loading);  

• cargo transportation according to the coordinated route;

• “post-transporting” stage, namely unloading, unpacking, assembling and arrangement of furniture, connecting of technics, removal of waste from the house. 

And all that is always done on professional level, at moderate price, in short terms, with using of modern packing material and specially equipped cars. 

What our advantages are?

• Uniqueness of our services lies in combination of individual approach to a customer and using of modern logistic-transport systems.

• While organizing such a large-scale moving we use modern principles of planning and we always have a “plan B” in case of unforeseen situations.

• We offer service packets for any wallet size which help save on certain stages.  

The next service packages are at your service:

• “Saving” includes main moving services and lets move property fast and cheap;

• “Basic” includes additional services together with the main ones, it helps make moving more convenient and comfortable; 

• “Elite” includes all the possible services connected with cargo moving and transportation and restricts a customer’s participation only to signing an agreement.

Just for your comfort we can organize moving at any time of the day, 7 days a week.  

People say that further your life will be like the beginning of it. We are not magicians and we don’t promise you a cloudless future, but we are professionals and we guarantee that moving to a new life will be easy and pleasant.