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Construction debris removal is no longer a problem!

debris removal lvivConstruction debris and unnecessary old furniture removal is an essential component of the relocation and repair. However, very often they are accompanied by the ejection of great inconvenience. But there is a solution!

The company «URA! Pereizd» is ready to help you to solve the problem of building waste once for all!

Why is necessary to take care of the construction debris?

Do you know that the removal of construction waste is also regulated by the law? Handling with municipal solid waste, including the construction, furniture and old established is fixed by the Law of Ukraine "On Waste". Therefore, before starting repairing or moving you should be thoroughly acquainted with it, or to entrust the issue to the professionals.

You also need to know that is prohibited to throw in conventional landfills construction waste, large furniture, appliances, etc. This is due to the fact that the taking debris away and dispose it service is not included in the rent amount. According to the order of the Ministry of Housing and Utilities №259 from 30.07.2010, the rate of waste that can be produced by one resident of the apartment is 0.16 cubic meters per month. This amount is recorded in the rent. Emissions which exceed this rate should be taken alone or with the housing department.

You should not neglect these rules, as a penalty for the removal of construction waste, large pieces of furniture or appliances in volume of more than 0.16 cubic meters, is 114 UAH. for 1 cubic meter. In addition to paying the fine the owner of the waste have also to take the construction debris at its own expense, which is not quite cheap.

In addition, such a similar incident led to discontent with neighbors and the deterioration of relations with them.

By the way, in Europe the one who created debris removal, bulky items and technology pays for them!

Thus, disregard for the rules of waste disposal, which leads to a violation of the law - is not the best option.

Removal of construction waste: features of services from «URA! Pereizd» in Lviv

The company «URA! Pereizd» - the best solution for the removal of construction waste because it is inexpensive, and in addition:

  • all the collected waste is transported to a special area for bulky waste to landfill Gribovitskoy - caring for the environment;
  • the cost of services of loaders is only 2 UAH/floor during the descent / ascent bags or boxes - the reasonable price;
  • great maximum weight of a single bag with debris - up to 60 kg - economical approach;
  • if necessary, our staff can pack waste in bags - the high level of service!

Although a clear list of items whichprohibited for ejection does not exist, but we recommend to stick to the rules and do not dispose of large heavy objects, machinery, electronics, to avoid problems and fines, because as a result it may not be so cheap for your pocket.

Consider the following list of waste after renovation and relocation, which can not be disposed of with ordinary trash:

  • bricks, tiles, wallpaper, and any other small and light waste, which appeared during the repairs;
  • debris which collected in bags, building;
  • lengthy waste - pipes, boards, windows, interior and exterior doors;
  • sanitary bathtubs, toilets, sinks;
  • fittings, lattice balconies, etc.

If you are still not sure, whether you can throw away one or the other thing in the trash or not, it is better not to take risks and seek professional help, which will utilize it as it is needed.

Call now and get quality services at affordable prices!