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I was VERY lucky that I accidentally saw HURRAY moving companies car and their contacts. It was really pleasure to work with them. They helped me with moving of my office , everything was very well organized and very fast. Workers were careful and almost nothing destroyed (only one table a little bit) . OK honest to say it was quite pricey , but I am quite satisfied with result and quality, because no stress and no troubles. I only regret about why I did not select possible option, when you just give keys from old office and new office, and HURRAY moving company take care of everything at all. Because it is also possible :) Next time I will order them again with such option. Highly recommended.

We move safes and cash machines.

Safes and cash machines moving

Moving is a hard thing, especially when it is a matter of valuable things.

Demand for cash machines transportation appeared not so long ago, but safes transportation services have been very popular for many centuries. Such a metallic box developed for keeping things and money and having specific purpose, is remarkable for a specific construction. For example, thickness of sides of some models reaches 10 mm, and their weight exceeds 200 kilograms. It’ very hard to move this box, especially when it has non-standard sizes or forms.

Peculiarities of safes transportation

For such specific freight transportation professional rigging equipment is used, and technology depends on a kind and parameters of cargo.

Of course, transportation of a “private” safe with weight of 200 kilograms will differ from transportation of the office one which may reach 600 kilograms. And moving of bank deposit models is impossible without using of special handling equipment. You may face some additional difficulties if you have to raise or get down a safe by stairs. Not all the goods lifts can bear such a “passenger”. We can say the same about cash machines which are also very heavy.

All impossible becomes possible when professionals are involved

The team of a company “URA! Pereizd” consists of experienced loaders, scaffolders, electricians, and carpenters who conduct their work of safes, cash machines, and other oversized cargo transportation.

Why do you have to enlist the services of experienced specialists? Because, despite their threatening sizes and impressive weight, both a safe and a cash machine are very fragile things which demand careful treatment. It’s almost impossible to damage such a “machine” outwardly, but it’s very easy to put out of operation all its inner mechanisms. Especially if it concerns cash machines, electronic systems of which are very sensible to mechanical effect.

But we have everything for safe and fast moving – from modern packing material and rigging straps to special carts and goods transport equipped with hydraulic rams.