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Minivan - is the optimal solution for transportation of small furniture and goods

Often things aren’t attention until they develop into a serious problem that needs more effort. This is vital truth. Therefore taking into account the needs of our customers a company "URA! Pereyizd" offers services of transportation of small furniture and goods by cargo minivan.

And you ask: what does it hold?

Cargo minivanCargo minivan can carry goods up to 1.5 m.cub. and weighing up to 650 kg. Load compartment dimensions: height - 1.10 m; width - 1.00 m; depth - 1.30 m. At first sight it seems this is not enough and it helps just a little, but it is not truth. It can safely be carried almost all appliances that you have at home, except perhaps a refrigerator. Furniture is also not a problem, a small chest of drawers, bedside tables, mezzanine, chairs - all of which can fit in it. But if something is not fit – we offer roof rack. It is suited best for transportation of long rods and curtain rods. It is necessary to note the presence of a freight car seat which will record cargo both in back of the car and on the roof.

What is the price of such a cargo taxi?

The cost of a cargo minivan in format of a taxi is 80 UAH/hour in the city, which is cheaper in 50 UAH from freight bead hour. While traveling on the bypass road and out of the city, the price will depend on the number of getting miles one way and reach 6 UAH/km. Minimum order of this taxi is 120 UAH and 1.5 hours of work, while the minimum order of a freight bead – is 180 UAH. It turns out that this is the optimal solution for compact transportation of goods, appliances and even animals.

Additional services of cargo taxi work - minivan

During a minivan work one passenger can sit in it, but while ordering it like a passenger version up to 4 passengers may be comfortably accommodated. Each cargo transportation cannot be without loaders’ work - services we can offer in addition to any of our cargo taxi. They charge and discharge everything quickly. If necessary, they can conduct mounting of furniture, equipment at your new location.

Convenient format of minivan using allows transporting small loads in a very nice price for a customer and superior quality of transportation is at the highest level.

Book a cargo taxi in "URA! Pereyizd" and we guarantee that your cargo will move safely and quickly, and positive impression of the quality of our work will please you for a long time.