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Comfortable moving with your pets

Transportation of animals - not yet a passenger, but not a baggage

It is difficult to find a family today, which would not have a dog or a cat in the house. And when it comes to the rural population, there are often birds and ungulates are family members. Fortunately nomadic lifestyle of our ancestors left in the past, but today there may be situations when a family moves from one apartment to another, and sometimes - in another city.

Moving is a great opportunity to "shake up" acquired over the years belongings and to get rid of superfluous and unnecessary things. But this is not about pets, because we are responsible for those who have been tamed.

Today, it is not necessary to make a terrible choice between "give in good hands" and "leave for a neighbor." Thanks to the services of our moving company your pets will move together with you with complete comfort.

How we transport animals. Features of the work

  • Depending on your animal species, we offer relocation accompanied by a host or not.
  • Own auto park of specially equipped cars allows us to transport not only pets but also cattle including horses, cows etc.
  • We are guided by "the health rules of transportation of animals" in our work and depending on the "passenger" select the best type of transport and the best option of the moving. For example, for transportation of dogs our cars are equipped with special cages and enclosures. Cats, rodents and small size dogs are usually transported in special plastic portable cells.

If you move further than Lvov

Travelling with your pets, especially over long distances, can be a cause of stress and emotional overload. To avoid this, we try to create the most convenient and comfortable environment for such unusual passengers (ventilation, no noise, no drafts etc.).

If you plan a long trip, we provide competent support, which includes feeding, watering, stay on the road, as well as emergency veterinary care.

You may also want to use our advices on the correct transport of animals, which we follow in our job as well.

When trusting us your pet, you can be assured about its life and health. Our experts will do everything possible for it will not notice your absence.